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Please submit your open application for commercial or technical positions at Unacast.

Read more on the hiring process at Unacast here.

The hiring process at Unacast starts when we receive an application/cv from a prospective employee, and consists, more or less, of the following discrete steps:

  1. 1st interview role fit
  2. Work Sample
  3. Role-related knowledge interview
  4. Personal interview
  5. Leadership interview (with Founder)
  6. Reference Check
  7. Offer & Offer call
  8. Signature and Onboarding

It’s a lot of steps, and the process is optimised to making sure we hire the right people for the role - in the minimal amount of time. It also gives you as a prospective employee to figure out if this is the right place for you or not. We believe that hiring works best with wisdom of crowds, just like Laszlo Bock and Google. That means we want multiple people from Unacast to influence the hiring decision. That means it will usually be a new Unacast employee for each step in the process. It also means you will get to meet different Unacast team member in each interview. Remember that you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. Use the interviews to your advantage and get to know us better.

Ideally, you should have a offer in your hands within two to three weeks after the first interview, depending on the position. And you should not have to spend more than 8-12 hours of your time on the process. We don’t like to rush the process but we are flexible and if you need the process to last longer we can do so. Two weeks is usually as fast as we’re able and willing to go.

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