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Unacast is building the Real World Graph™

We are living in a new data era. Verified and actionable data is quickly becoming the backbone of most industries, and location data is now a key data component if everything from marketing to bots and AI.

Proximity data is a new generation of location data that is more precise, contextual and tailored for indoors. Unacast built the Real World Graph™ and is the category leader in the emerging proximity industry - designing products that merge this new data source with existing ones.

Like Google indexed the web, Unacast is indexing the physical world. Through Unacast our customers can easily tap into the rapid growing amount of accurate location data from physical behaviour globally. We provide real-time insights to power physical and digital communication between brands, retailers and end users. In short, we help create more personalized communication offline and online, reducing noise by increasing relevance.

With VC funding, we have opened offices in Oslo and NYC, and been featured in everything from Fast Company to Venturebeat and Business Insider. We were named «10 Northern European Startups To Follow In 2016» and also awarded the Best New Nordic Company and Best IoT Startup at the Nordic Startup Awards.

Recently Inc. Magazine covered us as “The startup that just might threaten Google”.

Learn how we build the Real World Graph™ from Co-Founder and CEO, Thomas Walle:

How do we think about culture at Unacast?

«Even rotting corpses have culture»

This now one-year-old quote from our own VP of Engineering is as graphic as it is true.

A key pillar in the startup construction is the importance of culture. Culture is to be the fabric that binds a team so close together that they can navigate and weather any storm, firmly tied together to the mast of the ship. Without it, a company aimlessly drifts around - unprotected to the environment.

The point our VP of Engineering wanted to make was that culture in the form described above is easy to claim, but hard to attain.

At Unacast we won’t settle with culture as a startup construct only. We strive to be decent people. And we work hard to hire people that are decent too. It’s that simple, and that complicated. We want our individual 80 years on this planet to be spent with people we respect and learn from. We want our individual 80 years on this planet to mean something.

That’s not asking for too much. That’s what we call culture.

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